by admin on October 15, 2012

drop-crotch trousers and sheer blouse

esme might have overlooked this collection had she not been alerted to it by a text from her sister roz.  one can access information (and opinions) so much faster these days than just a few years ago.  i suppose before the internet i would have had to wait until the next issue of VOGUE came out before checking to see what roz was talking about, but now…..press a few buttons on the computer and there it is!

said roz, ” what did you think of dries van noten’s spring collection?  i loved it. layers, but sheer and light and in such interesting colors.” (note:  esme probably would have punctuated this one with a few exclamation marks, but roz is not the exclamation mark type!!)

so yes.  lovely sheer layers in surprisingly dark colors (i like that).  floaty blouses under structured vests on top of skirts or trousers.  esme particularly like the outfit pictured above (note the modestly drop-crotch pants).  but what in the world is making this model look so sour????  her ensemble looks so comfortable!  perhaps her shoes are too small?  she forgot to eat lunch?  esme would be smiling broadly in such an outfit!

one never knows what’s in another person’s mind,




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