by admin on October 17, 2012

white on white

white on white….and not just for brides.  i first noticed this trend in the window of SHE (carmel crossroads).  i was puzzled:  is SHE starting to carry wedding attire?  but no.  wedding-like white is making inroads into the world of everyday wear.  so dust off your wedding gowns and……

as a matter of fact, a slightly abbreviated wedding gown with oh…..a little cream leather jacket and off -white booties might look really on trend.

check out this look from stella mccartney.  white shift in lace and something sheer, wide sleeves to the elbow, and a boxy white jacket on top.  cool.  esme rarely likes herself in white, and it’s not the sort of thing to wear if a terrier might jump in your lap.  otherwise, i could totally see myself in this look!  on the other hand, it wouldn’t show hunter-fur.

i have yet to see white-on-white on an actual person, but then i don’t live in the big city.  what about you, readers?  would you wear wedding white?  any sightings?

feeling floaty already,



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