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lost raincoat

saves a bunch of money!

these days i’m really trying not to buy too many clothes.  i probably have enough outfits in my drawers and closet(s!) to last me at least a year.  on the other hand, i’m not yet ready to take a year off shopping, as some of my fellow bloggers have done.  so one of my most effective techniques is to find items i like, document them with my iphone, and visit them periodically just to say hi.

i do feel a bit like a stalker, and after awhile i try to go in when different sales people are working.  sometimes the result is that i decide the item in question is really not for me (phew!).  at other times, after a good 3 or 4 session stalk, i come to the conclusion that i really do want that garment and start picturing myself wearing it on various occasions.

just the other day i lost a really good one—a patchwork dress with 3/4 length sleeves by alembika.

alembika dress

and then there was the turquoise raincoat that i stalked for weeks at STEPHAN-CORI.  just as i was about to take one last look, we had an early rainstorm.  guess what?  every single raincoat was gone!  ah well…..lesson learned:  don’t wait for a rainstorm to buy a raincoat.

ah, and the 1/2 off blanque pants at PACIFIC RIM.  those were really cool, and stayed on the sale rack for weeks.  but alas, by the time i was ready to buy them, someone else beat me to the punch.

the thing about shopping at local boutiques is that it’s next to impossible to find the same items on-line.  every once in awhile you might find them at another boutique in say, palo alto, but even that is unusual.  i must say that i’m hoping that someone will guide me towards one of those alembika dresses somewhere in the universe—do you think there might be one in new orleans??


blanque pants

winning some and losing others,



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