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ecco walking sandals

mr. noir and i have been preparing for our 5 day trip to new orleans as though it were an atlantic crossing.  we have been agonizing for months over hotels, airlines, shoes, coats, tops, heat, humidity, restaurants, music venues…..and on and on.

i’ve learned a lot along the way.  i’d never given much thought to the category of “walking sandals”.  not something i need for my jaunts to the shops, or my dog-walks on dirt paths.  but everyone asked me if i had a pair.  so of course, i had to do a thorough quest.

the first pair was one i found by accident on sale at macy’s.  a cute enough pair of ecco walking sandals.  really, they looked kinda cool on my foot and seemed exceedingly comfy.  plus, they would not be ruined in a rainstorm.

however, as soon as i got them home, i noticed that while the right sandals was perfectly comfortable, the left one felt funny.  there’s a little ridge under the toe that’s supposed to sit where your toes and your foot intersect, and it was not in the right place on the left shoe! so back they went.

a trip to SHU turned up a similar pair by clarks.  i found out that the bothersome thing was a metatrasal ridge and part of the trouble was that the metatarsal bone on my left foot was much longer than the one on the right.  well, i took the clarks home and darned if i didn’t have the same trouble.  so those went back.

but in the process of returns i had a brilliant thought:  perhaps mr. noir needed a pair of walking sandals.  knowing i couldn’t get him to the stores, i brought a pair home.  actually, he rather liked them, but wanted a brown instead of a black, so back we went.  after what must have seemed like hours of trying on, he decided that the ones he had were not as comfortable as the ones they didn’t have in his size.  a quick trip to a place called FAMOUS SHOES turned up a bonanza of men’s walking sandals on sale!

oh joy!  mr. noir is now the proud owner of a handsome pair by rockport.  and esme has got an agonizing case of sandal-envy.

rockport walking sandal

almost ready to go,



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