by admin on October 28, 2012

a coven of witches

if you are ever lucky enough to visit new orleans, you must spring for a meal at galatoire’s.  it’s the place to see and be seen and believe me it’s quite a sight!  we knew it was dressy when we scheduled our last meal there (a pre-flight lunch on the friday before halloween), but we had no idea what we were in for.

as soon as the doors opened at 11:30 the place was packed. not only were people dressed up;  they were in high costume! a huge party was going on downstairs, and we were ushered up.  thank goodness we had reservations, as the non-reserved were being turned away right and left.  the hosts were not in costume but they were to die for:  the southern/eastern accents were enough to make esme swoon, not to speak of the guy with a gorgeous salt-and-pepper beard and a full head of matching hair (not a costume).

we were dressed in regular clothes, compromised by the need to sit for hours on a plane.  but the room was full of rowdy groups of witches, a pair from fifty shades of gray, a sea-captain and wife, and the most gorgeous miss piggy you have ever laid eyes upon (figure-hugging strapless bandeau dress, blonde wig, and a delicate little piggy nose, with heels).

everyone was enjoying their champagne and mint juleps. groups of southern belles in costume were happy to be photographed by us tourists.  if only we could have stayed to the end….but we had a plane to catch.

belles in costume

lesser les bons temps rouler!



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