by admin on October 30, 2012

frida kahlo

now don’t get me wrong—i’m grateful for the ones i have. they’ve served me well over the years, and are still capable of commanding a bit of attention.  i’m especially grateful that (knock wood) they are healthy.  however, being a body-oriented person, i can’t help noticing particularly fetching permutations of the genre when i encounter them!

one such permutation reminds me a bit of frida kahlo’s eyebrows:  high, dark-tipped and close together (but unlike frida’s brows, small).  there was a woman at the gym several years back who sported them.

mr. noir and i both admired a variation on this type when we sat down for a rest in a french quarter dive.  sitting at the bar was a lovely young woman with cropped hair, wearing jeans and a simple gray v-neck tee shirt.  the effect was rather masculine until she turned around, when one saw a glorious smile and could just make out the outline of some wonderful small, high, and rather far apart breasts.

aren’t the bodies of women amazing?

always observant,


french quarter beauty



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