by admin on October 31, 2012

a bit like this, only better

whenever i see a fantastic outfit walking briskly by on the street, i wish i had a little camera in my left eye.  i could just blink once and snap an unobtrusive pic!  this happened frequently in new orleans, where i saw not only wild and crazy combinations, but also some truly lovely ensembles.

one woman walked purposefully by in an orange pencil skirt, clear blue eyelet blouse, pale yellow heels and pale yellow earrings.  she was a statuesque red-head and would have made a fabulous subject for a portrait.  but esme doesn’t have the personality to flag down strangers and ask them for a pic……really she is just too shy, and well….too….polite.  i do so envy the on-the-street bloggers who are more forward!

relying on my inner eye,



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