by admin on November 1, 2012

gel manicure, day 1

esme rarely springs for a manicure, as it tends to last about 5 days at the most.  however, in honor of our trip to new orleans, i decided to try a gel manicure.  these are rumored to be very quick-drying and to last for weeks.  my local nail salon—T&L NAILS–right next to the post-office, offers them for $25, which i gather is astoundingly reasonable.

i was able to hop right into my car without damage after the process.  usually this is an exercise in frustration.  i documented the manicure on day 1 and day 13 (after daily swimming, packing, cleaning, traveling).  for the last few days my nails have been garnering lots of attention.  imagine:  compliments from a handsome guy in the pool, several of my swimming buddies, and even my doctor’s receptionist!  as you know, esme loves compliments, so if she had had any doubts about her gel nails, they were quickly dispelled.

see for yourself,

gel manicure, day 13



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