by admin on November 2, 2012

tone-on-tone tabby

unlike people or birds, cats make easy photo subjects.  they don’t mind holding still and their facial expressions are always…..expressive.

esme was really pleased with this iphone portrait of a french quarter tabby.  she has situated herself on a dark red bench, next to a brick red wall with white accents.  the white in the brick echoes the cream in her coat, and her pale orange stripes go tone-on-tone with the various red shades in the setting.  to top it off, her tail is fetchingly posed between the slats on the bench, and her expressions is suitably inscrutable—the mona lisa of felines.

esme has been composing a brick-and-tabby outfit in her mind ever since.  maybe a brick red knit top with a tabby scarf and a brick-and-cream tweed skirt?  a tabby blouse with a pair of brick red jeans?  perhaps the next big thing will be domestic animal prints (as opposed to the wild animal prints currently flooding the market)!

tabby-striped top

if only we could all be cats,



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