by admin on November 4, 2012

day-time attire

esme spent months obsessing about what to wear on her trip to new orleans.  the notion of hot, humid, possibly rainy weather threw her for a loop.  however, i’m sure you’ll be happy to hear that her outfits were almost perfect (and there was no rain in sight).

for day she wore loose cotton or linen pants and a tank-top (black, white or orange).  VERY comfortable, even though, upon looking at herself in the mirror and in the photos, esme must conclude that her tank-top days are numbered.  a hat was mandatory, and in place of true walking sandals, a pair of black merrils and bronze naots sufficed.  jacket:  unnecessary.

evening dress polka dot frock

for evening, 2 loose, sleeveless dresses were perfect: a black elm design knit number for the dressier places (e.g. commander’s palace) and a polka dot comfy frock for the more casual.  black merril sandals or nubuck mephisto sandals went with both, and were fine for walking.  a black comfy-brand shrug came along just in case.

a black speedo, ancient gap cover-up, and swim-snorkel (!) completed the capsule.  never go anywhere without your snorkel!

back home in my sleeves,



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