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mycra pac coat

it didn’t end up raining while we we in new orleans, but i was prepared just in case.  the day before our trip, i lucked into a real bargain at THE TRAVEL BAG in the carmel crossroads:  mycra pac raincoats for 75% off!

these babies retail for about $240 apiece, so it’s not a purchase to make lightly.  but at around $60, why not?  before i could blink, a woman about my size snatched up the only coat that actually fit persons like us.  she debated for what seemed like hours whether to buy it, while i waited in the background to grab it if she decided against.  finally, i gave up and left my # with the salesperson.

what do you know……i got a call a few hours later.  turns out, however, that only the long version of the coat (burgundy on one side and bronze on the other with a fetchingly pleated cowl collar/hood) was available.  this one came down to my ankles—good for coverage but not for walking.  not willing to lose another bargain, i purchased it with the intent to have it hemmed.

fortunately, i was able to twist the arm of dorothy (quelques choses designer and seamstress par excellence) to do an emergency repair.  i learned that hemming a double-sided, A-line coat is not as easy as you’d imagine.  to reproduce the original, one would have to find a large piece of fabric with a bias cut and laboriously attach it to the hem.  dorothy opined that this could take hours….no wonder these coats are so expensive!  without the bias cut the hem would crumple up and look silly.  uh oh……

tricky tailoring

well, dorothy boldly lopped about 12 inches off the bottom (that move alone could have taken me hours and ended up a disaster).  we decided that a relatively simple machine-binding at the bottom would be good enough for the government, and dorothy accomplished it in the blink of an eye.  oh my i so would have mangled the coat had i tried to do this myself!

but now i have a lovely travel rain-coat at a custom length (just below the knee).  i wore it to the airport for a san francisco storm, and have worn it in carmel in a light drizzle.  and btw, TRAVEL BAG still has a few left, if you need one!

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