by admin on November 6, 2012

a shadow of myself

a little november heat-spell gave esme the opportunity to experiment with jeans alternatives.  she just loved the idea of air flowing around her legs on a hot day.  why not wear her polka dot dress with a gap tee underneath?

she received lots of compliments at the gym in this outfit.  a trip to the grocery store netted many stares (approbation?  disapprobation?).  of course she enjoyed the attention and the free-flowing air.

the outfit had to be accessorized a bit for dog-walking.  the dress had no pockets and esme needed a place to stash all her stuff– hence a safari vest from her closet.  sandals would not do, so she donned her merrill shoes with some (not exactly matching) polka dot socks.  one great thing about living in carmel is that it’s ok to look like a character.  she and hunter quite enjoyed their walk and a fellow walker observed that the dress had a marimeko-like look.

dog walking dress

the right dress can be quite comfy,



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