by admin on November 7, 2012

the president’s wife

not to discuss politics or anything……but esme is happy that michelle obama, with her bold and stylish fashion sense, will continue to elicit gasps of admiration for another 4 years.

don’t get me wrong:  michelle’s arms never fail to give me a frisson of envy.  even if esme hired a personal trainer she’d never have arms like that!  nonetheless, admiration trumps envy.

the buzz on the fashion blogs concerns the political message  conveyed by the first lady’s pink, sleeveless, tracy reece frock.  tracy reece is a black designer whose dresses retail for around $350.  (this might be expensive for you or me, but it’s thrifty for the wife of a president, although this one is said to be a custom design so it just might have cost a few pennies more). the choice of pink (instead of red or  blue) reads “politically neutral” and “feminine”.

in contrast, ann romney was wearing an oscar de la rente gown (these retail for $2000 and above) in “nancy reagan red” (lol!).  check out this instructive article that esme found on line:

nancy reagan red

eager to see what’s next,



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