by admin on November 9, 2012

bowery tee

GAP’S favorite tee has been a staple of my wardrobe for more years than i care to count.  i buy a few each year to wear with jeans, skirts, under sleeveless dresses, atop wide-leg pants……

but a recent journey to our local GAP revealed that the favorite tee has been discontinued.  they had a little picked-over stash on sale for $7.95, but none in my size.  rather than bursting into tears, i inquired whether there was a replacement.  yes.  what used to be the favorite tee has been modified and renamed the “bowery tee”.  huh.  i’m not likin’ the name.  apparently the fabric is a bit heavier (that would be fine) and a bit softer…..hmmmm……and the style slightly altered.

there was nothing for it but to try a few.  i came away with a black one and a navy one (30% off) and will give them their first outing today.  i’ll let you know how it goes.  in the meantime, if anyone has a black-market source for some favorite tees, would they please give esme a sign?

don’t you hate it when your favorite things disappear?



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