by admin on November 11, 2012

the (old) favorite tee

i almost hate to admit it, but GAP’S new bowery tee just may be an improvement over the favorite tee.  i wore mine the other day and the fabric is remarkably soft. and it didn’t stretch out or lose its shape.  GAP has added a bit of modal (e.g. a variant of rayon) to the mix, making the tee softer and creating a slight shine.  we’ll see how it holds up to washing.

the (new) bowery tee

although the noirs tend to love all things old (houses, furnishings, wood flooring, gardens, cars, boats, stoves….), esme has found that some things really have improved with time.  for instance, we have some wonderful vintage lighting fixtures.  but guess what?  they have an unfortunate tendency to do things like short out and ruin our bulbs.

take cars.  even over the last 5 years or so, cars have gotten generally nicer, smoother, more efficient….that is, if you can figure out how to work all the strange digital stuff inside, stuff that leaves one longing for old-fashioned dials and buttons.  and of course there are computers, iphones, ipads, kindles, and the like which seem to improve with annoying speed.

now if only i could update my version of myself—improve the joints, add something elastic to the skin—i’d be in business.  but it looks like i’m stuck with version 1.0 for this lifetime.

not complaining, really,




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