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the perfect foundational dress

nothing like an urgent request for fashion consultation to get one’s shopping juices going!  a friend of esme’s plans to attend a formal evening wedding in the spring.  she had bought a little lace frock that she rather liked, but her offspring had made some highly critical remarks about it.  should she keep it or return it?  she needed to know asap, as the period for returns was fast approaching!

we called an emergency meeting in our living room, with mr. noir pulled in to represent the male opinion.  the dress was not nearly as bad as esme had been lead to expect.  in fact, it had it’s merits.  esme especially liked the black mesh skirt over a flesh-colored slip.  however, she and mr. noir both agreed that, as mr. noir put it “ms. l. could do better”.  there was something about the shape of the bodice and the color of the mesh that did not do her justice.  ms. l. has a nice long slender waist, and the dress gave her a rather blocky appearance.

to be returned

just for fun, esme suggested she try on one of esme’s own favorite DIANA SLAVIN dresses (now going on some 20 years old).  ms. l. is one of the few people who might be able to squeeze into this slim silk number.  well, i have to say, ms. l. looked really elegant in it.  indeed, i thought she looked like a 19th century english beauty.  the longer hem and the soft black suited her.

elegant in DIANA SLAVIN

there was nothing for it but to go on an emergency shop.  it’s not easy to find dresses in carmel, but esme seemed to recall a few at STEPHAN-CORI in the crossroads.  she was also fantasizing about a line she had seen recently in palo alto by KOMAROV.  well guess what?  ms. l. fell in love with a lovely black frock by RENUAR.  she opined that “it feels just right”.  soft but fitted, sleeved but showing just the right amount of cleavage, this was a dress that would work for her spring wedding and also for many occasions to come.  ms. l.  especially loved the way the skirt could swirl (just right for dancing).

sylvia, the charming salesperson who helped us out, described the dress as “a foundational garment”.  it makes a wonderful base for many a look, and can be dressed up or down, made lively or somber, depending on one’s accessories.  heels, pearls, a bit more make-up and it’s wedding-ready.  flats, a scarf, a little blazer and it could be worn for business.  boots, tights, even a jean jacket and you’ve got a great outfit for a casual date.

isn’t shopping a wonderful thing??



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