by admin on November 22, 2012

white jeans for guys

esme could kick herself for passing up a perfect photo op at the car-wash the other day.  whom should she spy but a local restauranteur nattily dressed in an unusual but attractive outfit:  white jeans, heathery gray sweater, gray suede loafers, shades, and cell-phone (of course).  i would not have thought of matching sweaters with white jeans, especially not gray sweaters, but the effect was quite fetching.  it didn’t hurt that he slid into the biggest, blackest mercedes you have ever seen (discrete restaurant logo on the side), smiled at the car-wash guy who smiled back, and drove off with a look of satisfaction.  i assumed that he left a good tip.

is it ok to say to a guy, “hey great outfit”??  had he been a woman this might have been easier, but i just couldn’t quite muster up the cajones.  nonetheless, i’m thinking about pulling out my white pants and popping a gray sweater on top (except that i don’t have one at the moment)….a shopping quest in the making???

how about this??

chicken (turkey??),



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