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you can do better than this

everyone talks about stocking up on water, candles, blankets and canned goods, but who tells you what to wear to prepare for a disaster?  esme lived through the 1989 san francisco earthquake, but that’s the only disaster so far (kinehora) that she’s had to deal with in person.  the t.v. news clips of people washed ashore like drowned rats in hurricane sandy broke her heart.  and she began to wonder if having the right wardrobe would have been of some help.  i’ll tell you what i imagine, and you who lived through the real thing must set me straight.

ok.  first off, it’s never too late to learn how to swim.  just in case…… in which case you’d want a good wetsuit like the ones the surfers wear in carmel.  well, let’s hope that’s a bit of a joke.

so, footwear.  a good pair of waterproof boots would be most reassuring.  i recently spied some on the planetshoes website.  they are called bogs, and consist of a rubber foot with a kind of neoprene lining.  the designs are really fetching.  for small puddles, my clark’s muckers are great, but i think you’d want something taller for a real flood.


next, long underwear.  several pairs.  i prefer silk–light and sensuous.  a necessity for long periods without heat.  land’s end and l.l. bean carry them.  perhaps some fleece jackets or those really light-weight quilted feather jackets to layer.  turtlenecks (wool or cotton).  flannel-lined jeans.  hats (beanies, or cloches if you want to be really fashionable). a balaclava. and perhaps gloves with fingers (if you must go out).   fingerless gloves for staying in.

waterproof pants and jacket for putting over everything else in the event you must go out and wait in the gas line.

practical but dull much cheerier!

colors?  something bright to improve your visibility and cheer you up in the cold, damp darkness.  i think tangerine tango (the color of the year for 2012) would be perfect.

if you’ve lived to tell the tale, do tell me what you wore, or what you wish you had worn,





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