by admin on December 9, 2012

farewell dear orange

we loved you well

and in my closet

you safely dwell.

fofl!!!!!!  (for those of you over 83–and i know you’re out there– that means fall on floor laughing!)

such a hunger i had for orange. such a wonderful collection of orange garments.  such fond memories of the quest.  i do believe that 2012 has satisfied my orange cravings.  as the year comes to a close, i am full but not stuffed.  i’m happy with the orange i have, but don’t need any more.

yesterday i wore almost all of my orange garments one on top of the other.  the occasion was a presentation for my color class on the history of tangerine tango.  i thought i’d look comical, but the funny thing is, i looked kinda cool (if i do say so).  who could have imagined that all those oranges would work with each other?  or that layers of lyocell pants, a cotton dress under a linen dress over an orange cami under an orange-and-black scarf anchored by black boots would make a rather fetching winter outfit?  i longed for a pair of pippi longstocking orange-and-black striped socks, but it was too late to look for them.

interestingly enough, fashion forecasters tell us that orange is not dead, only stepping back a bit to let someone else take center stage.  esme will certainly be wearing a pop of orange now and then, if not an entire orange ensemble.  so don’t get out your mothballs just yet.  and remember to take your vitamin c.





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