by admin on December 14, 2012

how often does one have the opportunity to get really dressed up these days?  mr. noir and i were privileged to attend a black tie affair put on by our local yacht club.  i’m embarrassed to admit that i’ve never actually attended a black tie affair.  but i do have a small stable of LBD’s who’ve been chomping at the bit for an outing.  and they’ve been very well-behaved, so i really had no excuse to go shopping.

it was between my elegant 20 year old DIANA SLAVIN silk dress, and a rather bohemian-looking CREA gown purchased last winter.  mr. noir approved of both, but the former was just a tad tight under the arms (ugh), so i chose the CREA.

we stepped into a sea of tux’s (for the men) and long black gowns (for the women).  my how wonderful a guy looks in a tuxedo!  while my CREA fit right in, i did imagine that an emerald green gown would have made quite a statement.

speaking of statements, it was not until we started to dance that i noticed a woman of about my age in what i took to be a black gown with a wardrobe malfunction.  a very low-cut halter top was showing almost everything to the crowd.  both she and her husband, however, were dancing away, and i soon learned that the effect was intentional.  afterwards, i kept trying to elicit a smidge of disapproval from mr. noir, but to no avail.  it seems as though opinion on this matter was sharply divided on male-female lines:  the men were unabashedly pro, while the women were most certainly con.

the incident did make me think that i might as well forget worrying about a little back fat.  why next year, i might just wear a CHARTREUSE marilyn dress, foundation garments be damned!

why not show a little middle-aged skin in dim light?




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