by admin on December 16, 2012

i have not seen

a lot of green……

can anyone complete this stanza??

this time i’m looking for green, not because i want to wear it, but just because i’m curious.  the shops seem to be full of blacks, grays, reds, some lingering oranges.  i did see lots of green in the recent VOGUE, mostly by way of accessories–purses, boots, jewelry.

i suppose i shouldn’t have been surprised to find a field of green in CHARTREUSE (2nd floor carmel plaza, web-site under construction), the name being, after all, a type of green.  don’t you just want to reach out and touch this  green velvet top?  worn with some black pants or a skirt (and maybe some green boots or ballet flats) it would be perfect for the holidays and beyond.

i do love my blacks, greys, oranges and reds, but green to my eye reads…..refreshing.  and there’s something about green velvet–reminds me of the fur on the back of a sage leaf.

seeing green,





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