by admin on December 20, 2012

(not my real closet!)

esme has been saying for months (if not years) that she really has enough clothes.  and yet, her desire to shop did not abate.  there always seemed to be a garment or a look calling her name.  the result has been a really over-stuffed closet, and drawers so full that things can get lost in them for weeks.

i don’t know what has happened recently, but a change has come over esme’s relationship to clothes.  pawing through stacks of shirts to find the one she wanted started to become really annoying.  she pictured the clothes in her closet suffocating for lack of air.  suddenly she craved space, and simplicity, rather than more things.

so each week a bag or two has been leaving the house to go to the goodwill or the consignment store (i use ritzy rags or mon ami in carmel), and very few have been coming in.  lots of too-tight pants.  jackets that have seen better days.  t-shirts that are past their prime.  items that were just plain mistakes.  i’m sure i’ll regret some of these, but for now the ones that remain are enjoying the air.

the great thing is i’m finding that i have quite an interesting stables of clothes.  they can be mixed and matched to create outfits that are almost like new.  i’ve even found some things i’d quite forgotten i had.  it’s much easier to see what you have when you don’t have quite as much!

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