by admin on December 27, 2012

while teenage girls are lovely, there is often a sort of formlessness about them.  as women enter their twenties, a subtle sort of physical and emotional sculpting takes place.  they become more distinct, more themselves, as though emerging from a mist.

i was witness to such a transformation when i saw my one and only niece, j. for the first time since summer.  she was wearing the most fetching frock–a FREE PEOPLE number with french blue accents that complemented her big blue eyes.  there was a pale pink band in the bodice that flattered her skin.  her dark hair was shiny and free but somehow contained, her eyes outlined in just the right hint of liner, and her lips a perfect red.  ironically, i caught her in motion so the effect is somewhat blurred.  but in life it was as though she had snapped into focus.

to top it all off, when she and christophe were asked for their i.d.’s at the restaurant, she delicately removed hers from her bra.  now why didn’t i think of that?  a cell phone might be a bit bulky for such transport, but a driver’s license, an extra credit card–perfect.  she was perfectly of age, and carried it well.

in focus,



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