by admin on December 29, 2012

the trouble with THE GAP these days is that things sell out before you can blink.  or if you’re really lucky, they go on sale for 60% off and they still have one in your size.  i gave up on finding another pair of my new favorite boyfriend cords (there are a few remaining on line in size 16 and size 00), but i decided to brave the post-holiday crowds in search on a bowery tee in  gray-and-black stripes that had caught my eye awhile back.

well, those tees were long gone.  but i did discover a pile of legging cords that looked appealing.  in knew they’d be way too tight in the right size, but on the advice of angie cox (youlookfab.com), i thought i’d try sizing up and see if i could make them fit like boyfriend cords.

most of the neutral colors were gone (except, again, in very large sizes) but i found some winter white ones in my new 2-sizes-too-big size and popped them on!  hey, not bad!  not quite as loose as the boyfriends, but quite comfy, and surprisingly, the winter white was flattering.

so, at 50% off the sale price, i have a new pair of cords.  as you can see, i haven’t QUITE forsaken shopping……but at least i’ve cut down.

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