by admin on January 2, 2013

this winter i’ve been using a plain, fitted black top and a pair of black leggings or tights as a canvas on which to paint the rest of my outfit.  i have a petit pois mesh top, a couple of black tees, and a danskin-like top.  on the bottom i can wear velvet leggings, thick tights, cotton leggings, or narrow pants. the texture of the underlying leotard-like foundation varies depending on how dressy i want to look.

over the years i have collected various eccentric sleeveless wool thingies that are somewhere in between dresses and long vests.  these have come into their own atop my black canvas.  with the addition of a tall pair of cole haan boots i am stylin’!  to really dress things up, i’ve rediscovered a fantastic vintage silver necklace with moonstones that has been hiding in my jewelry box.  i am positively blushing from all the compliments this outfit has received!

mr. noir and i found the silver necklace in an antique shop on union st. in s.f. when we were first engaged, so…….26 years ago.  i didn’t wear it much because i couldn’t find earrings that matched, and the silver was so heavy that it strained my neck.  but these days i love to wear it to perk up any black-and-gray outfit.  my neck must be stronger, and matching earrings be damned!

loving my closet,





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