by admin on January 7, 2013

esme thought this birder cut quite the dashing figure when she spied him the other day on the point lobos trail.  not only that, but he had a handy-dandy little telescope through which one could get up close and personal with the birds.

so what’s his secret?  hat with brim.  sturdy brown walking shoes (nothing neon to distract the birds).  a couple of layers on top.  handy little fanny pack.  camera, tripod, telescope.  but what esme really covets are his cargo pants.  look at all the pockets on those babies!  and yet, they don’t look bulky or shapeless.  well, that’s partly because birding is rather good exercise.

btw, this guy has written a terrific book for beginning bird-watchers.  check out BIRDING LIITE next time you’re in the mood for a little entertainment in the world of nature.

sometimes i wish i had feathers,





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