by admin on January 8, 2013

if you love winter clothes, now is the time to shop!  local boutiques are having amazing sales, and the racks are not yet bare.  january sale-time is esme’s weak spot.  a few little peeks into her usual stores netted enough merch to stuff her closets again.

SYLVIE is having her bi-annual sale.  she starts at 30% off and as the weeks go by goes up to 75% off!  we are now is the 70% range.  so far i’ve acquired:  aventures multi-colored coat, lauren vidal sweater, dress to kill pants, oska pants, oska black skirt……and that’s not counting the things that are still on my wish-list.

then i couldn’t resist stopping in at LLOYDS.  omg.  they had a pair of thierry rabotin shoes that i’ve been tracking for years on sale in my size.

well, might as well stop in at SHE.  their sale rack is only 20% off at present.  i saw a lovely black coat, a gray boiled wool sweater and a black hooded down vest that i wouldn’t mind having.  i must confess that i sprang for the vest.

so readers, get out there and shop quick quick quick before esme buys everything in sight!





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