by admin on January 15, 2013

my winter sale shopping continues.  of course i had to check out the PACIFIC RIM sale rack.  it needs a bit of re-stocking, but i did find a few things to try on.  i’ve been looking for a comfortable skirt in some shade of gray.  PR had one by EDW (or some such brand) that had potential.  when i popped it on the others in the store were quite complimentary.  it fit, the color was right, was weight was good….so i snapped a photo to show mr. noir.

so glad i snapped that photo!  what was evident in the pic that was not completely clear in the mirror was that this little skirt accented my little pot belly.  oy.  i’ve been so busy worrying about necks, chins, back-fat and shrinking, that i’d not paid enough attention to my stomach.  but there it was.

in my younger days it was just a matter of a stomach that stuck out a bit no matter how thin i was.  in my late middle age i can see that it has become a true pot-belly.  i look like ladies i used to see and feel relieved that i was not they (them??)!  as mr. noir likes to say, a revolting development.  but fortunately, good clothing choices can go a long way towards hiding this one.

sit-ups anyone??

never mind….i can’t even DO sit-ups!



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