by admin on January 16, 2013

sometimes the small things in life are the best.  take my socks.  we’ve had such a cold spell here that i’ve been craving a nice pair of wool socks.  i think i’ve had a total of two pairs in my entire life.  fortunately, we have a little store on ocean ave. in carmel called THE SOCK SHOP.  and thankfully, they had a nice selection of wool socks.  i wanted something in black, or gray, or maybe black and gray, plain, or maybe stripes, or even polka dots.

i eyed a lovely pair in cashmere with black and gray stripes.  but cashmere is so expensive.  i discovered that a brand called SMART WOOL makes socks in sizes.  hooray!  a standard women’s size sock tends to bunch up on my short feet, so the idea having a sock in a size small was appealing.  i decided to start with a trial pair—black, not too thick, with a sort of cable-knit pattern.

i couldn’t wait to try them out.  i have not been disappointed.  GREAT socks!  really comfy, non-binding, just the right thickness, warm but not too warm, and perfect with my numerous pairs of black shoes.  it’s all i can do not to keep staring at my socks!  did you know that wool socks feel less sweaty than cotton socks?  a true fact, confirmed by the saleswoman at THE SOCK SHOP and my own personal experience.

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