by admin on January 22, 2013

stripes are big these days and i must say i’ve been quite drawn to them.  for some reason, they seem to evoke the sea—french fisherman’s stripes, sailors’ stripes (let’s leave out jailhouse stripes!).

i’ve tried on a number of striped tee’s.  it’s amazing how none of them looked quite right.  either the cut was wrong, the stripes were the wrong color, the stripes were too narrow, the stripes were too wide….you name it!

the GAP is carrying some little striped blazers in pointe knit.  quite cute on the rack.  i tried on one in black and white and one in gray and white.  really liked the cut, but the stripes did nothing for me, as you can see (even ignoring the blue gingham blouse peeking out below!).

i think it’s because these stripes are too high-contrast.  my coloring these days is on the muted side (salt-and-pepper hair, freckled/mottled skin, everything fading away to gray).  thus i look best in more muted, lower contrast color combinations.  keep in mind the issue of CONTRAST when shopping for your own stripes!

i did discover a perfect black-and-dark-gray striped tee at STEPHAN-CORI outlet, and have been wearing it to death. from the archives of my drawers i pulled out a blue-on-blue striped CUT LOOSE tee that works well in warmer weather.

i guess i’m an animal of a subtle stripe,



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