by admin on January 23, 2013

i’ve always wanted to wear a braid.  but i just don’t have the hair for it (especially now—my braid would be like…2 millimeters long!).  a bunch of us were looking in the mirror and chatting away in the gym locker room the other day when one lovely lady sighed and said that she so wished she knew how to braid.

as mr. noir is fond of saying (in his best yiddishe accent), “when opportunity knocks, don’t sit ’round drinking glazzz tea”!  so i up and offered my braiding skills.  mind you, i haven’t braided anything since about the age of 15, so i didn’t know how it would go, but my offer was eagerly accepted.

the victim has about the thickest, most glorious hair you can imagine, and i could just picture her with a fat braid.  as soon as i got my hands on it, i began to see why guys like long hair.  anyway, it was a bit of a challenge to get all that hair into 3 equalish strands, but once i did that, the braiding came back to my fingers like riding a bike.  what fun!  i could have kept braiding and braiding, but the person behind the braid had to get to work.

my fingers are just itching to braid again…….




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