by admin on January 30, 2013

will real people wear a trend that’s been inching its way into the fashion mags?  i refer to sculptural clothing–clothing that uses the body as a mere underpinning upon which to construct an abstract form.  it’s the opposite of “body-con” (that’s body-conscious to the uninitiated), the clinging, show-everything style that’s been driving us to spanx and excessive exercise for years.

i’m all for putting body-con on the back burner (yes you can still wear it, but it’s not de rigeur), and i rather admire this sculptural look.  however, the outfit pictured here doesn’t look terribly practical….i mean, how would you get a wrap over that shoulder in case of a chill?  i suppose you could wear a shoulder-length glove over the bare arm, but anything else would totally destroy the sculpture.

i did see a really cool sculptural blouse by DRESS TO KILL at SYLVIE.  indeed i would have bought it just for fun had it not been a few sizes too big for me.  all you’d need for this one would be a slightly over-sized coat, which i’ve got.  this blouse comes pre-sculpted, so you just pop it on, rather than wearing yourself out trying to sculpt the body that lies beneath.

waiting for one in my size,



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