by admin on February 3, 2013

super bowl sunday is a great day to shop for shoes, but then, most any day is.  however, when one’s feet start to develop “issues”, shopping for shoes can be almost as painful as shopping for swimming suits.

the story usually goes something like this.  first you find that your back aches and your toes cramp up when you wear a heel that would have been perfectly acceptable just 5 years ago.  so, you graduate to a lower heel.  fine.  time goes by and you end up in the foot doctor’s office, or maybe the back doctor’s office and he or she asks “what kind of shoes do you wear?”  you wince, and stick out a foot.  “no heels” the doctor orders.  well this is not so fine.  but the cost of surgery is greater than the cost of new shoes, so you bite the bullet, buy some flats, and take all your pants to the tailor for hemming.  you reassure yourself that there are some really cute ballet flats out there.

it soon becomes painfully apparent that ballet flats are not the solution.  cute, yes.  comfortable, not really.  the sole is too thin–you start to feel your foot-bones each time you take a step.  the low vamp (very slimming on the foot and ankle) has a nasty tendency to cut into the skin right where you seem to be developing (oh god tell me it’s not so) something that simply cannot be a bunion.

you realize that what your feet really need are shoes with:  a thick, soft sole; just the right arch support; a generous toe-box; a high, seamless vamp; pliable leather or fabric; no laces (as you can’t bend down that far).  oy.  is this a recipe for old-lady shoes, or what?

but never fear.  esme is here to save the day.  stay tuned for her tried and true list of comfortable, attractive shoes that will have your aging feet singing.



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