by admin on February 4, 2013

unlike many baby boomers, esme never really wore heels or pointy-toe shoes, even in her youth.  from her ancestors on her father’s side, she inherited small, square, russian jewish feet–cute in their prime, but not suitable for heels.  so when comfortable shoes became a matter of being able to walk like a regular human vs. being carried across the street by a white knight, esme knew where to look.

basically we’re looking at the category of “european comfort shoes”.  my first life-saving discovery came following a minor but nasty foot surgery.  word to the wise:  they’re all nasty….don’t go there unless you have to.

i found a pair of ARCOPEDICO booties which i wore all that winter, and still wear several years later.  these have a rubber sole with just a bit of lift in the heel.  they are made of a suede-like fabric which is both soft and sturdy.  the brand has an unusual form of arch support—a sort of shank which runs the length of the shoe.  if it works for your foot it’s great, but you must try it on to see.  the best and most unusual thing about these booties is that they have only one seam running from the tip of the toe to the top of the boot.  thus, there is nothing to rub your big toe or your little toe, or any of those other sensitive areas that aging feet develop.

best of all, these booties are cute.  they blend right into a pair of dark pants, lengthening the leg line.  the ankle is narrow but not tight, the toe oval but not brazenly round.  i have even been known to wear them with tights and a skirt.  and, they are still available.  in the carmel area LLOYDS carries them, as does MARITAS in pacific grove.

arcopedico makes several other styles, but for my foot, none has been quite as successful as this bootie.

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