by admin on February 5, 2013

i have a pair of JOSEPH SIEBEL boots that i’ve been wearing for years.  they are short and chunky, with a punky vibe.  and oh so comfortable!  i could wear them for days.  fortunately for the foot-impaired, chunky shoes have been in for some time.  unfortunately for the foot-impaired, i hear that the pointy-toed look is coming back.  however, you can still look pretty cool (and feel even better) in just the right pair of combat-ready boots.

my boots (no longer made) are similar to the ones pictured here except they have a buckle instead of laces.  JOSEPH SIEBEL makes many styles of shoes and boots, and you owe it to yourself to try a few on.  here in carmel, HEDI’S  carries this brand.  i’ll bet you a dollar that THE WALK SHOP in berkeley carries them.

if you’re not into the combat look, don’t worry.  JS has several more delicate options.  what about these??  or these??

oh dear…this making me hungry to shop for shoes.


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