by admin on February 6, 2013

What is the matter with Mary Jane?
She’s crying with all her might and main,
And she won’t eat her dinner—rice pudding again….
this a.a. milne poem was a favorite in my family, and  i hoped that mary jane shoes would be the answer to my prayers.  they have rounded toes, a strap to keep them on, and are made with a variety of foot-friendly soles.  a mary jane is a bit more feminine than a combat boot, and provides more coverage than a sandal.  i amassed a collection of three.
the first was a mary jane by DANSKO.  soft leather.  a thick but not clunky sole.  a thin strap.  and, this one was on sale!  maybe it could even be worn with a skirt.  somehow, though, my feet have never quite warmed up to this shoe.  the strap tends to cut into my instep, the toe box is a tad too big, and well….it’s just not quite right.  however, i keep these shoes to wear with certain outfits when i won’t be walking too many miles.  many people swear by dansko, so do try some on in your quest for comfort shoes.
next was a relatively new brand called ALEGRIA.  the name sounds european, but these shoes are designed in l.a.  alegrias are flat, but the heel is about 2 inches high, giving a short person like esme quite a lift!  i love it!  the design is eccentric.  indeed, one of my bluntest buddies opined that this was “the ugliest shoe i’ve ever seen.”  a case for THE MAN REPELLER?? (this is a really hip fashion blog in case you didn’t know).   mr. noir and i think the alegria mary janes look kinda cool, but again they’ve never quite been comfortable on my foot.
my final foray into the land of mary janes has been a brand called SPRING STEP.  these are playful and rather childlike.  this particular shoes is called a “bumblebee.”  now how could i resist that?  the bumblebees turned out to be great with summer pants, and fairly (although not extremely) comfortable.
for now i’ve decided that mary janes are just not for my feet.  the strap tends to bother the top of my foot, and the placement of the toe-box top hits right at the point where i do NOT have a little bunion.  however, everyone’s feet are unique, so give this style a try if you’re looking for a girly take on the european comfort shoe.
i guess my name is not mary jane,



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