by admin on February 10, 2013

i have a weakness for anything french, so why not shoes?  so far i’ve test-driven ARCHE, MEPHISTO, ROBERT CLERGERIE, and THIERRY RABOTIN.

ARCHE shoes come in eye-catching colors and shapes.  i tried them years ago at a store in noe valley called RABAT.  if ARCHE fits your foot they can be wonderful.  for me they have two problems:  the toe-box tends to be narrow, and, as mr. noir likes to say, they have no arche support (pun intended)!


MEPHISTO was my go-to brand for walking shoes at one time.  i still have a handsome pair of sandals from years back.  however, their attempts at prettier closed shoes have turned out really dowdy, so i haven’t bought a pair in some time.  but if you can find a pair on sale that fit your feet, try the sandals or the walking shoes.

ah ROBERT CLERGERIE……these are beautiful shoes, but none of the shops in our area carry them.  looks like NEIMAN MARCUS and NORDSTROM carry a few.  they are really pricey, so try to score a pair on sale!

then there is THIERRY RABOTIN.  i’ve had my eye on a pair of these for a couple of years, ever since i spotted them at LLOYD’S on ocean ave. in carmel.  TR’s are exceedingly comfortable, almost weightless, and exceedingly expensive.  so if you can find a pair on sale in your size, grab them before someone else does.  some might even be worn with a dress.  ARTHUR BEREN on union square in san francisco carries them.  check out their post-holiday sale.  

happy shoe shopping!  let me know what you find!!



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