by admin on February 12, 2013

finding comfortable, flattering, flattish shoes to wear with a dress is one of the biggest challenges for the woman of a certain age.  i can’t say i’ve found an ideal solution, which is one reason i usually wear pants.  all manner of eccentric, soft-soled, round-toed, slightly chunky shoes look fine with pants.  but dresses and skirts are much less forgiving.  i hate to tell you this, but either your standards of chic-ness need to shift, or your feet and back will have to suffer.

on a winter evening, my COLE HAAN tall boots look quite good with a casual dress. (excuse the silly expression–i was be-bopping). these boots are one of the few leather-soled shoes that i can still wear.  not that i’d walk a mile in them, but they’re fine for an evening out.  they have a 1-1/2″ heel, and a slim ankle.  the leather is buttery-soft so they don’t rub my legs or feet.  they have cole haan’s  “nike technology” inside.  mine are from last year, but note that the COLE HAAN store in carmel plaza has winter boots on sale for 50% off!

on a summer afternoon, you might be able to get away with flat or wedge sandals.  here i am in a pair of MERRELLS that have served me well for years.

but if you really need to dress up, god help you.  your best solution might be to see if your husband can carry you.  i’ve even considered a wheelchair…..juuuuust kidding of course!

here are some brands you might want to consider.  ANYI LU makes lovely delicate shoes with supportive soles.  unfortunately, the toe-box is too narrow and the heel too high for me, but if these fit your foot, you are one lucky gal.  TARYN ROSE  might also work.  i have a really comfy pair that i found at a consignment store, but they’re not exactly formal wear.  my sister swears by CYDWOK, and i’ve had my eye on a pair of their sandals. CYDWOKS are very cool-looking but the soles are not soft.

as you can see, life is a compromise.  any and all input appreciated!








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