by admin on February 13, 2013

if only i could lose 10 pounds and get mr. noir to start pumping iron….then perhaps i could wear a pair of these crazy shoes and have mr. noir carry me over the threshold.  maybe we could get arnold schwarzenegger to help out (although honestly he’s never been my type at all), or…..oh… about daniel craig?  wouldn’t that make a grand entrance?

of course i’d have to slip out of my slippers if there were dancing.  i used to love going barefoot, but now it’s dicey—hard on the aging heels and toesies.  still…we are talking “if only” here, right?

i’d slip back into my glass slippers on the way out, kicking my feet in the air as mr. noir carried me lightly to the waiting vehicle.  i’d let mr. noir decide what vehicle that would be….he’d love that!  it would make up for all those hours he had spent pumping iron.  people would stare, and even clap.

oh esme, stop being such a ham!


p.s. these beauties are ON SALE at nordstrom’s—grab a pair before they’re all gone!


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