by admin on February 18, 2013

you would be amazed at the list of things that can go wrong with a foot.  feet are made up of a gazillion little muscles, bones, tendons, and nerves, any one of which can act up like a toddler in a grocery store.   perhaps that’s why feet have their own medical specialty.  to make matters worse, problems with the spine, hip, knee and any of the body parts in between can show up as a pain in the foot.  my dear mother, a life-long lover of a good walk, sustained damage to a nerve in her back and ended up with a foot that drops and has no sensation.

based on the stories i hear at the gym, the more you use your feet, the more troubles they tend to develop.  runners, tennis players, dancers–especially as they age–are vulnerable of foot.  one friend broke a foot-bone using those shoes with toe slots to run on the treadmill.  esme herself damaged a foot doing wonderful jumps in a ballet class.  some things should be reserved for the young.  so…the first step in baby boomer foot-care is this:  don’t do anything………dumb.  you may be young of mind, but take it from me, you are not young of foot!

of course it’s important to wear comfortable, supportive shoes (see BABY BOOMER SHOES).  but did you know that you can keep your feet strong and limber by doing a few simple foot exercises?  spread and clinch your toes.  do a little runner’s stretch.  point and flex.  make circles with your ankles.  soon you’ll be picking up socks with your toes!  but don’t get carried away:  do all of this GENTLY.  a few minutes in the hot tub or even a bucket of warm water can also do wonders.

i’ve been meaning to try one of those places that advertise foot massage, but haven’t quite gotten up the courage.  if your partner loves feet (and foot massage)  you are way ahead of the game.

anyone else have pointers for the feet?

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