by admin on February 19, 2013

esme’s got you covered on shoes—time to move up to pants.  here’s the sad thing about the middle-aged body:  short of fantastic genes or near-starvation there is nothing that will prevent a certain tendency to expand, almost overnight, around the mid-section.  esme swims every day and has maintained approximately the same weight for the last 35 years.  and yet, the pants she used to wear even 20 years ago are INCHES too small in the waist.  quite beyond tailoring….believe me i’ve tried.

so, after a proper period of mourning, it’s time to stop beating oneself up for not having the mid-section of a 20 year old (scarlett o’hara and her 18 inch waist come to mind), and start looking for comfortable and ATTRACTIVE pants. and i’m not talking about the infamous mom jeans!

for awhile (sometime in my early-mid fifties) the lo-rise pant or jean seemed to be the answer.  these have no waist, so pinchiness is not a problem.  a muffin-top can be hidden with a long t.  and a good amount of stretch allows them to be tight in the right places without being unbearable.  unfortunately, some of us made the mistake of wearing them with tops that were too short.  (mr. noir has been both fascinated and repelled by the sight of someone sitting or bending in such an outfit).  and for myself,  i just began to find even the stretchiest lo-waisted, body-con jeans uncomfortable.

if this sounds familiar, stay tuned!

comfy at last,




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