by admin on February 22, 2013

it all depends–on your body, your tolerance for the touch of denim, on the jeans, and on your genes.  for a while i though i had found the solution to the baby boomer jeans problem:  the aptly named NOT YOUR DAUGHTERS JEANS.  these come in several cuts.  all  have a mid-rise, a forgiving waist, a sleek look, and a “hidden panel” that holds in your mid-section.  they also come in all sorts of crazy colors in addition to the traditional blues.

i wore mine quite happily for 6 months or so.  they were a dark wash and had a dressy look.  great with all sorts of tops, both casual and elegant.  i really have no idea what happened, but a there came a point where i couldn’t wait to get out of them at the end of the day—a bad sign.  i think it must have been the “hidden panel”.  anything that holds you in can also come to feel binding.  so my NYD jeans are resting quietly in my drawer, hoping for a day when they might be worn again.  this is a brand that’s worth a try.  most of you are probably not such princesses-and-the-pea as esme, and you may find that these are the perfect jean.

while in mourning for NYD jeans, i stumbled across another brand with a lot of potential: JAG pull on jeans.  try not to let the name remind you of “pull-ups”, those diapers that help toddlers transition to real undies.  the JAGS have a mid-to-high rise elastic waistband that’s perfectly flat.  it’s quite comfy, and you don’t have the problem of zipper and button bulges.  just wear a top that covers that waist and you’re set.  i’m still wearing a pair that i bought some time ago (though i did size up for air circulation).

my favorite trend in jeans has been the rise of the boyfriend jean.  everyone (GAP, J.JILL, BR, etc.) is making a version of this androgynous style.  their main characteristic is that they are meant to be worn loose.  and if you want ’em even looser, just get a size or two too big and apply a belt.  they do tend to be made in pre-deconstructed fabrics—not my favorite thing.  but if you search carefully can find a boyfriend jean that’s not been tattered by your imaginary boyfriend.  i’ve recently pulled out a pair of COOKIE JOHNSON boyfriends that i bought years ago.  i’m afraid that this particular style is no longer made, but one of these days i’ll go on a quest to find something similar.

more to come….we’re just getting started!



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