by admin on March 4, 2013

elastic waist pants…..i know i know…..sounds like defeat.  but trust esme, there are many brands of elastic waist pants out there these days that are both forgiving and flattering.  really.

I discovered the brand CUT LOOSE at PACIFIC RIM in carmel.  as advertised, most of their pieces are indeed cut loose.  but that does not mean they’re dumpy.  ok.  full disclosure:  some are, but you’ve got to try them on to tell the difference between dumpy and darling.  It all depends on the drape of the fabric, the cut of the cloth, and the cut of your body.

CUT LOOSE pants are not just bunches of fabric tied off with elastic, nor are they traditional pants with elastic added (per l.l. bean and land’s end). many fall gracefully from the waist and are shaped with clever seams and darts.  esme happens to look good in pants that have a sort of tapered bell shape at the bottom. 


she also has a great pair of wide-leg khakis with elastic in the back and a flat waist in front.  here i am in CUT LOOSE pants and QUELQUES CHOSES top.

listen to what the CUT LOOSE website says:

“We describe our fit as “implied shape,” meaning the shape of the body is implied in a flattering way. Cut Loose clothes skim the body for a fluid silhouette.  When a Cut Loose garment “fits,” it simultaneously flatters the figure and allows room to really move.”

now there’s a concept you’ve gotta love (at least esme does)!

I will offer one word of caution:  even elastic-waist pants can feel too tight.  make sure that the elastic does not bother your waist!

now get out there and try some on!

loosey goosily yours,




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