by admin on March 11, 2013

ok….at first glance the name of this line is a little freaky.  i picture stiletto heels with little knives along the sides, or…..cleavage with a deadly dose of pepper spray hidden in the v, or….but no, really, DRESS TO KILL is not like that at all.  it’s a made-in-l.a. brand with an arty, slouchy, euro-vibe–no bond accessories needed.

i first discovered DRESS TO KILL at SYLVIE in carmel plaza.  this was a few years ago, before the slouchy pant was in fashion.  i bought the most wonderful oversized black pants that i love to wear with a boxy sweater and a necklace that adds just the right touch of verticality.  it shouldn’t work, but it does.

but these babies are PRICEY, so now i wait until SYLVIE has a sale and try to nab a pair in a small size.  this winter i found one with gray and black stripes and all sorts of asymmetrical seams.  even though they are elastic-waisted and loose, they are oddly slimming, and i get tons of compliments on them.  this is a brand that must be tried on to be appreciated.

i will say that pants like this are not for the faint of heart, nor for the devotee of a tailored look.  they are unabashedly artsy.  esme herself appears to have embraced artsyness in her middle years (as her middle has expanded).  it’s a way to look chic without having to squish into your clothes.

killing me softly……



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