by admin on March 12, 2013

OSKA, a german brand, makes what have become esme’s absolute favorite pants.  she now owns 2 pairs, one in wool flannel and another in a wool blend.  the fabrics are soft and sumptuous, and both have ingenius elastic waistbands that manage to look flat.

one of my readers (let’s call her sally) simply cannot believe that a normal-sized woman would wear this genre of slightly voluminous pant.  but then she confides that she has been known as “skin-tight sally” for most of her adult life.  if only sally and esme could have been bred together they might have produced children with just the right amount of tolerance for tight and loose clothing!

if you are a skin-tight type then OSKA is not for you.  but you might skim this over anyway, in case you have a friend who is phobic about tightness.

i like to wear my OSKA’s with a fitted t-shirt, or perhaps an over-sized but cropped top.  both options allow the viewer to imagine that one does indeed have a waist, even if it is not cinched!  the bell-shaped leg on one pair and the knit cuff at the ankle on the other look great with short boots, flats, and IF esme wore heels, would look pretty killer with a bit of a heel.

like DRESS TO KILL, OSKA is not cheap, so try to find them on sale.  on the other hand, they don’t look cheap:  indeed, they look like money…..

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