by admin on March 21, 2013

i bought these on a whim.  they’re by TRACY REESE (designer of one of michelle obama’s signature campaign frocks).  just as i was about to escape from LEAF AND PETAL in palo alto without doing any damage, i spied these babies on one of the saleswomen and complimented her on them.  “you’ve gotta try them on,” she opined.  well, twist my arm.  they’re a bit hard to describe:  black silk legging-like pants are topped with a sheer skirt-like garment.  ooh….. sensuous and tremendously swirly, they stole my heart.

i can’t say they are the easiest bottoms to match with a top.  a plain black tee shirt looks good for a casual vibe.  anything long or voluminous turns me into a swirling blob.   i kind of pictured a silk shantung blouse in silvery gray, cropped and a bit fitted, but the world has yet to manifest it.  in the meantime, i’ve tried on all sorts of things.  truth to tell, they look best with my AMB leotard top and maybe a belt or “statement necklace”.  here i am with a leather vest by ELSEWHERE, and a couple of tops by SAMUEL DONG.  whadya think, readers?

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