by admin on March 27, 2013

this is a hard one, because for esme, tops have tended to be easy.  while shoes and pants present excruciating conflicts between style and comfort, tops tend to be more forgiving.  not everyone feels this way, however.  and the conundrum of coordinating tops with bottoms can be tricky.

for casual wear i’ve always favored the GAP favorite tee, or some variation thereof.  in the last few years, however, even cotton tees have begun to present “issues”.  there’s the infamous phenomenon of back fat.  whereas one’s back might have presented a smooth contour under knits in younger years, even the fit among us find that little blips and bulges are surprising us behind our backs.  what to do?  well, always look in the rear-view mirror.  don’t buy anything too thin or too tight.  and resign yourself to the fact that you’re not 39 anymore.  just the right vest can also address this problem.

here’s a clever trend i’ve noticed in recent years:  blouses and shirts with knit fabric in the back or at the sides and woven fabric in the front.  the woven fabric provides a bit of structure, while the knit adds softness and shape.  the blouse pictured here is by james perse, but i’ve seen variations on the theme by labels at all different price points.  keep your eye out for one of these and try it on!

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