by admin on April 10, 2013

oy, mes amies et mes amis. so sorry to have been off the page for so long.  esme has been caught up in so many writing, eating, drinking and walking projects that she has barely had time to draw breath, much less compose a decent fashion post.  Indeed, just recovering from their annual foray to the PBFW OPENING RECEPTION knocked the socks off the noirs for several days.

this event is a gala affair, the kick-off to a long weekend of decadence.  7 large rooms at the INN AT SPANISH BAY are magically transformed into a somewhat crowded culinary paradise for 3 blissful but exhausting hours.  each year esme enjoys obsessing for months about what to wear.  never until this year has she gotten it quite right.

here’s the dilemma.  this is a dressy event.  in past years revealing bandeau cocktail dresses and sky-high louboutins have been a feast for the eye.  it’s easy to feel a bit frumpy in such a crowd.  and yet, knowing esme as you do, i’m sure you can imagine that she insists on comfort, especially went it comes to 3 hours of standing, balancing a wine glass and plate, and darting through crowds.  esme has never been able to wear heels even in the most optimal of conditions.  she can only wonder how those who did managed to pull it off without collapse.

so, comfort plus bling….not an easy combo.  let’s start with fabric.  in past years esme has worn various eur0-cotton drapey things.  not right.  one needs something with a bit of sheen and form. esme purchased her black silk pants topped with a sheer silk skirt with the PBFW in mind–super comfy and yet dressy in an edgy kind of way.  after exhaustive research and experimentation, she topped this with a somewhat sheer, very fitted black ballet top by AMB and her newest cool thing—a black leather vest with side zipper.  at the last minute she decided that her taryn rose shoes posed the best compromise between looks and comfort (really they faded away into invisibility). diamond studs.  watch.  no coat.  no purse. voila!   in a situation like this accessories just become encumbrances.  note that in the absence of purse or pockets a husband serves nicely as a repository for any stuff that you absolutely can’t do without.

even though esme is short, and was dressed all in black, she was surprised to find that she caught a lot of male eyes.  indeed, she was being photographed by someone official when she had the misfortune to choke on her champagne and blow her chance at celebrity.  ah well, there’s always next year.

still a bit tipsy,




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