by admin on April 23, 2013

it must be wedding season.  esme has been receiving inquiries about mother-of-the-bride/groom attire, and is even traveling to the wilds of northern california to attend a wedding herself.  here in carmel we have very few shopping options for this sort of occasion.  if you live near a NORDSTROM or a SAKS you’re way ahead of the game.

what one wears depends, of course, on the time, location, and formality of the wedding.  usually one needs a few different outfits for the various dinners and lunches before and perhaps afterwards.  many of us want a dress for the big event.  i’ve seen some really fetching dresses by komarov, carried at NORDSTROM and some small boutiques (LEAF AND PETAL in palo alto has a good selection). some are quite dressy, suitable for evening, while some are perfect garden party attire.  many come with jackets and sleeves, though quite a few are sleeveless.

esme happened upon a very versatile dress while shopping at SHE in the carmel crossroads.  mr. noir insisted she try on this blue cotton number that came with matching shawl.  it didn’t look like much on the rack but when esme tried it on she received ooh’s and aahh’s from the other customers as well as mr. noir.  this dress can be dressed up or down with shoes and jewelry.  on a hot day it can be worn on its own, while on a chilly evening it’s great with a black ballet top and leggings, tights or black stockings underneath.  when the weather is in-between, just pop on a tank-top.


esme also encourages out-of-the-box thinking when it comes to weddings.  why not try an edgy pants-and-top combo—babette and blanque come to mind.  here’s esme trying on 2 outfits by babette.


now for shoes.  oy, don’t even ask esme about shoes—you know how much trouble she has with them!  ok.  some nice strappy sandals would be good, either flat, heeled or wedge.  i recently recommended a friend check out ANYI LU, even though her shoes tend to be too narrow for yours truly.

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