by admin on April 29, 2013

esme and mr. noir journeyed up the northern california coast to attend the wedding of a friend’s daughter.  it was a beautiful wedding, with the bride crying throughout the ceremony and even the groom shedding some tears;  when people cry at their own weddings you know they are taking it seriously!  there was not a dry eye in the house.

humbolt county is a place unto itself.  there are more trees than you can shake a stick at, and unusual fashions in men’s facial hair.  it seemed as though everybody had beards.  and i don’t mean neat little urban beards trimmed close to the face.  i’m talking about big bushy beards long enough to keep you warm in the winter.

mr. noir discovered that such beards require a fair amount of maintenance.  for special occasions one goes to a beard stylist.  and the beard should be combed regularly.  what we did not find out was the reasons behind the style.  all i can say is, if every other guy you meet seems to have a big beard, you’re likely in the wilds of far northern california.

appreciating local style.



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